Unique reflection system diffuses LED light effectively.
PEW-B features an audible alarm with volume control. (85 dB at 1m)
The power consumption is approx. half of incandescent bulb type. (100V/200V AC)
The flashing cycle is changeable from three patterns.
NPN open collector transistor compatible.
Easy installation (PEW-B)
PEW:IP54(If the lead wires are taken out from the side, IP rate becomes IP23.)
PES:IP23(With optional rubber gasket (SZ-210 type), IP rate becomes IP55.)
Lenses are made of AS resin with superior weather resistance and light translucence.
Colors are available in Red, Amber and Blue.
Main body is made of ABS resin with superior resistance to impact and heat.
Xenon discharge tube life is not affected by vibration.
Superior visibility (night-time visibility 1,000m or more.)
The light emitted by 24 super high-intensity LEDs is dispersed through a globe ensuring sufficient brightness even in outdoor locations.
The electronic rotating-light system has no motor to wear out.
The rotations are adjustable between 50 and 200 flashes per minute. The flashing-light function is selectable through an external signal input.
IP23 construction is suitable for outdoor use.
The all-plastic unit mounts with stainless screws, resisting rust and accommodating display aboard a vessel or in ocean enviroments.
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